Relief and Healing are Possible

Most people find me because they are in emotional pain, and they are ready for relief. They want their relationships to work. They want to feel better. Psychotherapy works, if you are willing to cross the bridge from where you are now to where you would like to be, gently, one step at a time.

“As a former client, I can share that Dr. Hacker is exceptional and gifted. I highly recommend her
in helping you through whatever is going on in your life.”


Cathy hacker, phd

I am here helping others heal because I understand the real life struggles of trauma and how to recover.

I have dedicated my life to extensive research, education and experience in powerful methods proven to help.


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Integrative therapy

Integrative therapy utilizes interventions that address mind, body and spirit. Rather than looking only at thoughts and experiences in talk therapy, many different modalities are utilized to heal the whole person. Your therapy experience will explore needs in all areas of functioning, body, mind, and spirit. Each client gets a tailored road map that will facilitate an integrated and balanced way of living to last well beyond the sessions spent in the therapy office. This increases capacity for vitality, creativity, and energy so that you can connect in a more joyful and complete way of living.

Services offered

Additional healing Services

  • Energy Work / Reiki

  • Art Therapy

  • Dream Work