licensed psychological TESTING

Learning and Developmental Disorders:

Some common reasons for psychological testing are to rule out learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Dyslexia; Reading Disorders; or Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  Obtaining a Psychological Battery from a Licensed Psychological Examiner or Psychologist can ensure gaining the correct accommodations at work or school.

Forensic and Family:

Some families need psychological testing for one or more members to best determine a child’s best interest in the case of living arrangements when there is a divorce.

Impaired Professionals:

Psychological Testing is often ordered for different types of Professional Assistance Programs to facilitate the best program of care for Impaired Professionals.  This type of service includes substance abuse screening, Cognitive Testing, and Personality Assessment. 

Career Counseling and Assessment:  

Many instruments are available to help people understand what type of work environments best fit with their personality, interests, and skill sets.  Career Assessment and Counseling can assist people through a work or career transition in life. 

Marital or Couples Counseling:

Sometimes taking a couple of personality inventories can be very helpful in helping couples and families understand one another’s perspectives and needs for optimal communication and happiness within the home. 

Substance Abuse and Personality Testing:

Utilized to help practitioners and clients understand more clearly what is happening with a certain disorder to facilitate the best standard of care.

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