“I no longer feel shame or fear, and my relationships have improved tremendously after therapy with Dr. Hacker” (former client, age 26)

What does it mean to have Trauma or Abuse?

If you have suffered from distressing events in your life, you have experienced trauma. Have you had experiences where you felt gaslighted?  Have you been in relationships where another person has devalued you and put you down over and over again, only to wonder if it is your fault?   Suffering from intrusive thoughts and images; experiencing negative self-critical thoughts; and difficulties in having close relationships are all symptoms of the experience of an abusive history.  And, the good news is that there is relief. 

Abuse comes in many forms. Being physically or sexually abused is sometimes easier to identify than emotional and spiritual abuse.  But in almost all forms of abuse, there is a denial or minimization of what happened by the one who experienced it. If you have experienced harsh criticism or gaslighting from a narcissistic person or narcissistic family system, you have experienced a type of emotional and spiritual abuse.  Gaslighting can make a person feel crazy and confused.  When your gut tells you there is something wrong, and the person standing in front of you turns information so that you feel like they are correct and you forgot why you were even questioning the situation, you may be dealing with narcissism and gaslighting. 

Trauma & Abuse Recovery

Recovery from all forms of abuse is possible, no matter what you have suffered. Finding the right resources in therapy is important, then utilizing tools such as EMDR (see below) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) to help you establish excellent coping skills when you don’t feel so excellent are very helpful. Addressing wounds in therapy, and establishing important parts of a support system outside therapy is the first step to mending your heart and stepping into wholeness.

What I can do to help you heal from different forms of abuse is to use my skills and experience to work with your memories, your current responses to relationships and situations, and help your nervous system and your brain to rewire to healthier and happier patterns of coping.

I offer EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an integrative psychotherapy approach especially designed for resolution of trauma and negative beliefs and memories held in the brain and body (EMDRIA.org). Often we can work together to resolve trauma fairly quickly with the use of this type of therapy along with some traditional psychotherapy, the incorporation of mindfulness meditation (which helps calm the parasympathetic nervous system), guided imagery, sand tray therapy, and expressive art work, just to name a few.  Working together, we can address symptoms in your mind, body, and spirit that can free you from the long term unwanted effects of trauma.

 Treatment Options:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) - helps you learn to regulate your emotions and build healthier relationship style through mindfulness meditation and other practical skills development.

  • EMDR - facilitates reprocessing of memories so that they no longer intrude in your everyday life.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping therapy - easily learned skills that can be used anytime anywhere to reduce anxiety, negative feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

  • Energy work such as Reiki.

Trauma & Abuse THERAPIST

It is very important you find the right therapist for you, and that you find one who actually does have the training and experience to help you heal.  There are many people who call themselves trauma therapists.  Look into the training and experience of anyone you choose to help you. Contact me for a free consultation

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