“We learned so much about what was causing our conflict and grew closer. Dr. Hacker taught us how to communicate effectively and find connection. Our relationship is renewed after years of feeling uncomfortable.” (former client, age 52)

marriage & couples counseling

Creating the capacity for true healthy attachment leads to building healthy, fulfilling, and lasting relationships.  Often, couples misfire in their communication styles and don’t understand the needs of each other, or even themselves as individuals.  

Safe, honoring, and loving communication is a key building block in stable and happy partnerships. I am here to help facilitate the shifting of patterns that feel stuck, or communication that has come to a painful impasse, so that there is renewed movement and enhanced capacity for deepening your attachment to one another. 

Couples counseling works

What I can do to help heal your relationship is to use my skills and experience to work with you and your partner to safely find the causes of relational problems and navigate to a healthier place for both of you. Most issues can be resolved if there are two willing parties.

I offer Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples as well as other informed therapies that have been shown to facilitate healing and closeness with couples.

 Treatment Options for Couples:

  • Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples - helps find the source of conflict or miscommunication underlying emotional and communication difficulties, and teaches couples to relate to one another effectively beyond the therapy office, taking with them effective relationship skills.

  • Many other options are available for helping couples address needs, whether they are related to emotional or sexual intimacy; communication styles, or going through difficult transitions. marriage & couples counselor

It is very important you find the right therapist for you, and that you find one who actually does have the training and experience to help you heal.  There are many marriage and couples counselors out there.  Finding the therapist who is the right match to help you with your particular needs is foundational to a successful outcome. Look into the training and experience of anyone you choose to help you. Contact me for a free consultation

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